ismael kachtihi del moral



Born north of Morocco, in Tangier, Ismael Kachtihi del Moral was raised in this cosmopolitan space, where mixed all the social, cultural circles, where the languages crossed themselves, got involved, were exchanged as currencies, Arabic, rifain, Spanish, Judeo-Spanish, French, English ...

In the solitude of his workshop, he works intensely, knotting the various influences which marked him, he prepares exhibitions which will lead him to Rabat, Bordeaux, Paris, Madrid and Tel Aviv, Beersheva, Bruxelles, Prague, Chengdu, New York etc.... He meets in Paris Olivier Debré who supports his candidacy for Casa Velazquez of Madrid (French Institute).

In his studio, in France, a new préoccupation appears : it leads him in the universe of the installations, the video and the sound but he never abandoned the painting.