cities of love, video installation, Cryptoportique - Reims

ADAGP Paris 2012

I’ve always felt drawn to large cities: from age 7 to 11, I’ve drawn, on planks, imaginaries cities, where everything was built and mixed together, a building next to a 19th century architecture, ghettos next to cosies suburbs. Intense traffic, and different communities living together. A hundred of planks made up these imaginaries, utopic cities, where languages and different cults lived together in harmony.

For about a decade, I’ve never travelled without a cine camera, which stood for a sketchbook, and as I’ve always done I “shot” without knowing what might become of these frames.

My work comes together through time and space, and through twelve videos I got the idea to express what is I physically feel in large metropolises, not as places one simply passes by, but as places of reflection.

Cities that have been shit are New York City, USA – Chengdu, China – Tel-Aviv, Israel – London, England –Madrid, Spain – Paris, France – Malaga, Spain - Philadelphia, USA – Reims, France; other shots, involving Tangiers, my home city, which has for a long time been an internationally known city ; meanwhile, shortly after gaining independence, it lost its statute and we unfortunately lost the opportunity to live in a heterogeneous city.

During those trips, thanks to images that superimpose, juxtapose in my thoughts, thank to various architectural lines coming together, to populations living together, I try to give a glimpse of what could have been an international city, imaginary city, just like I pictured them on planks during my childhood.

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